Rules of Conduct

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Over the past few months, we the players of A God Rebuilt have been allowing personal grudges to leach into play. We are not our characters. Our characters are not us. As such, we need to agree to a certain simple set of guidelines that will govern how we play. These are not intended to be work, but instead are intended to aid in the enjoyment of every player included in this game.

These are my opinion, and this is entirely out of character. Think of this as the world according to Craig. If you agree, please sign and pass it along to the GM. This list of rules has already been passed by him. Don’t consider this as me getting on my high horse. Consider this me trying to salvage what has every potential to devolve into vitriol and recrimination and destroy the wonderful world that Victor provides for us on a bi-weekly basis.

1- This is a game.

  • a. This is a game. We are not here to impose our political, religious, moral, or life views on anyone else in the game. Our characters will, on occasion, do something that we would never do in real life. That is the nature of role-play and should be accepted by everyone at the table as something that can happen.
  • b. In accordance with the preceding addendum, we need to leave our political, religious, moral and life views at the proverbial door. You are allowed to have them. Please, during the course of play, don’t inflict them on everyone else. Please keep in mind that this is being stated by a strongly religious person.

    2. Personal issues are not Character issues.
  • a. I don’t care if you are a 1 eyed paranoid schizophrenic with daddy issues and an obsession to make art out of cat scat, it has no place at the table unless your character is ALSO a 1 eyed paranoid schizophrenic with daddy issues and an obsession to make art out of cat scat.
  • b. Delineate your character from yourself and we will be better able to get along.

    3. CrIsis is a group who have been told to work together by our gods.
  • a. In many role play situations your character will be a person who has loose ties to the rest of the group, be that random strangers meeting in a bar to siblings who happen to be on the road together. A certain amount of divisiveness is to be expected in these groups.
  • b. In this game, each member of the team was chosen BY OUR GODS to be a part of this quest. Every character in the group had a god-meet. We know their power on a personal level, and we must get it through our thick skulls as players that we are playing OUT OF CHARACTER at any time that we divide the group for selfish reasons.

    4. Our characters are still individuals, and they will make mistakes from time to time.
  • a. Point 3 does not preclude the fact that there are other reasons we might screw over the group.
  • b. Drauka betrayed the group through his own ignorance. He willingly gave up his True Name to a Jinn, and created a situation that caused Overkill to do the same, leading to the loss of every True Name of CrIsis to Zizean, Jinn/Agent.
  • c. Ferrell betrayed the group due to a severe drug addiction that drove him to attack the group. There’s a reason that Victor will no longer allow a character to be a drug addict.
  • d. Cava betrayed the group due to a continued and persistent disillusion with the path the gods would have us follow. It lead to a darkening of the group and a need for redemption.
  • e. Other characters have made mistakes, but they were not attacks on the group, by and large.

    5. The GM is final arbiter.
  • a. We have more than one GM playing in this game, but only the acting GM has the final say on all interpretations of the rules. That GM is Victor. When he decides a ruling, accept it and move on. This is not the place to hold a grudge because you ‘do it differently’ when you’re a GM. You’re not GM. I’m not GM. Victor is the GM.
  • b. This extends to non-rules statements by Victor. When Victor says an argument is over, it is over. Let it go. Move on. Do not carry a grudge because you won. Do not carry a grudge because you lost.

    6. Have fun.
  • a. This is, as stated at the beginning, a game. The only reason for these rules is that we are forgetting that this is a game, and the reason we have games is to have fun. Poor sportsmanship ruins the play for everyone. These rules are only here because they represent the areas where many of us, myself included, can improve on our sportsmanship in playing the game.

From our own Craig Coxson.

Craig Coxson
Nathan Bingham
Above all signed 8/14.

The below signed before the game on 12/19/15.


Rules of Conduct

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