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This evil pike was held by Guttlecraw. It is a greater rune weapon of the Dark, and is a Soul Drinker!
6D6 damage
Communicates through telepathy. Indestructible. Dark red with runes. Linked to Guttlecraw- sense w/in 4 miles. +1 all saving throws when held. Aberrant alignment.

Soul Drinker

Must be called before attack. Takes 2 attacks. If successful hit (past armor) the victim must roll save vs magic 14 or higher. Successful save means 2x damage (creature magic/supernatural 3x damage). Failed save means Soul Is Absorbed into Weapon! 1D6/day max

Wizard Magic

80 PPE Recovers 10/3 hours 6th level spell strength 14

Spell Casting Lev Spell PPE Range Duration Save Notes
Thunderclap 1 4 30’ Instant HF Heard 1 mile away Mage +5 init, +1 strike, parry, dodge All but mage save HF 8
Fear 2 5 20’/lev 1 min/lev HF 16 Up to 100’ away, 20’ diameter/lev
Invisibility:Simple 3 6 Self 3 minutes/level None Weapon and carrier only
Armor of Ithan 3 10 Self or touch 1 min/lev None 100+10/lev AR 18 Fire, lightning, cold 1/2 dam
Paralysis:Lesser 3 5 60’ 1 min/lev Std Specific limb (hand, arm, leg, etc) Doesn’t work on those in full plate or scale

Cleric Abilities

Heal Wounds- 2D6 HP and SDC 6x/day
Remove Curse- 56% 1/day
Turn Dead- 55% 4D6 dead 4x/day If success gone 4 hrs.
Animate/Control Dead- 64% 2D6 dead 2x/day 4hr duration

It has been given to the High Priest of Shandala, Yogi Abba.



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