Scroll Conversion

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For Priests:

Unsuccessful scroll conversion can mean dire consequences. There is a 40% chance of no effect. Dire effects known to occur are explosions, paralysis, lightning, blinding, metamorphosis, color or appearance change, or summoning minions of the opposite side!

For Wizards:

Unsuccessful scroll conversion can mean dire consequences, same as above except demons may be summoned. 20% chance of no effect.

Successful scroll conversion may not be exactly what you wanted. 40% chance of unstable spell, 20% chance of correct spell but 1/2 strength, duration, range & damage, and 40% chance of perfect.


You can have 10 spells at level 1 memorized, plus 1 more per level. Example- A level 6 wizard has up to 15 spells memorized (10 + 5 levels). Scroll and spell book reading rules are casting time plus one attack for levels 1-10, so levels 1-5 use up two attacks, and level 6-10 uses 3 attacks. Levels 11-15 and Spells of Legend use 5 attacks.


Scroll Conversion

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