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The Shimring is currently held by Isis.

This strange ring allows the bearer to listen to 1 minute of conversation that their god has per day on a subject that he, the holder of the Shimring, requests. If the subject is not covered, he may ask for another. On the 3rd try the holder can attempt to ask a direct question- it is answered if the 1st two attempts at listening to the “whispers of the gods” were genuine and the god or goddess is in the mood/ can be reached. Instead of listening, the ring can be used to improve the chance of a miracle or prayer by 10% once/day (in the hands of a non-priest would give a 20% flat chance of a prayer or 10% chance of a miracle.) Again, the miracle/prayer power is only once/day, instead of the “whispers of the gods.”

Once the ring is acquired its birth is revealed. It is a shard of primeval dragonbone, blessed by the divine power of the Droomalith, creator of all, including the gods.

This ring had been past down for centuries to the high priestess of Lemaria. When CrIsis returned to the capital, Cassandra, Thoth gives the Shimring to Cava.

Update Thoth 30,111- The ring has gone silent, and no longer seems to be helping CrIsis. Later, on the day that Cava leaves CrIsis, Isis takes the ring back.

Inspired by the great campaign Shimring! You should go check it out!

Ring by Rosary Workshop.



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