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Regional Capitol of the Old Kingdom Frontier territory of the Western Empire.

House Clynn – The ruling family, they subconsciously know they aren’t true nobles. The feckless idiots treat the fortress as their “Vacation Home” and don’t even bother with the appearances; not requiring a Court, or Pomp and Circumstance. The monstrous tower in the center of the town is like the metaphorical sundial, dialing down the days till their destruction, and its shadow of decay falls over the town, and the country in the same way, almost like clockwork. The country, especially in Shinkasa, reflects this. They frivolously waste money on inconsequential things, like the libraries, the Opera houses, and the like. The lavishness accentuates the desolation of their city! The Clynn family ignores the unpaved streets, the open sewage everywhere, the leprous vagabonds at every street corner, and the sickness of their children.



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