Silent Dream

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Kankoran Mind Mage, Worshiper of Apis
Complete character sheet is Here.

Character Description:

Silent Dream has mostly light reddish-brown fur with just a few variations of color, as is normal for his people. His eyes are inquisitive, kind, and green. If close enough one can see a couple faint scars on his chest, right leg and both arms but they are not noticeable outside of a very close, or intimate, distance. This is due to the fur which grows around them and obscures them them from normal view. He wears a hooded cloak, generally with the hood down. Underneath that cloak the clothing he wears is light and sparse when the weather allows. In fact he tends to wear much less than is needed for the weather, at least from the point of view of races without fur. Though he’s no longer with his people he still prefers the muted earthen colors of the forest in his clothing. When adventuring he wears a quiver of arrows and a cudgel. The rune-bow Azomir, the Unforgiven, is slung around him and he favors a simple walking stick. When expecting major trouble he will don some simple wear leather armor, but he prefers not to bind himself in such restrictive wear if possible.

Art done by AZ_RUNE.


Entry #1

My name is Silent Dream. I come from one of the Emirin Tribes of Kankoran. I am a citizen of the Wolfen Empire. This is my journal. Moli said I should write in it sometimes. I asked her what I should write about, she said “things that have happened to you.” Here is a thing that has happened to me.

Nine winters ago I left my village. I did not leave alone. Another Kankoran now named Red Snow accompanied me. We were to undertake our tribe’s rite of passage: hunt a young Emirin and fight to the death. A dream with no sound let me know we should be as quiet as possible when we woke up. Our silent stealth rewarded us with an Emirin wandering into our range.

Of course Red Snow and I approached her. Introductions were proper in this circumstance. Her name was Icerai. She intended to defeat us both and return to her pride triumphant. We agreed to begin the hunt proper at dusk. By nightfall were fighting. In time Red Snow and I prevailed. Before he could finish Icerai and we could claim her long teeth another Emirin ambushed us!

This one was called Calind. He intended to save Icerai from her death by killing us for her. He intended to make her his mate. He attacked us. Red Snow was already hurt bad from our fight with Icerai. Calind took him down despite my efforts. Then it was me and Calind.

Two Kankoran versus one Emirin, everyone fully prepared, is an even fight. This was not. Calind should have defeated me. But he was unprepared for Icerai to attack him. Calind was confused and demanded she tell him why. She told him the obvious answer: she would not let him dishonor her in such a manner. Together, Kankoran and Emirin, both injured, took down Calind.

Calind lay unconscious in the snow. His breaths were shallow and slow – the breathing of one about to die. Icerai laid back down and asked me to make her death quick. I nodded. She closed her eyes, waiting. But instead I brought death to Calind. She opened her eyes and looked at me puzzled. I told her only one Emirin had to die today. I took his sharpest teeth then went to help Red Snow.

Icerai psychically draped Calind’s body over hers and prepared to return to her pride. She said she was in my debt and wanted to know what I would call myself. It took only a moment to decide. Silent Dream, I told her. She nodded and walked away. I bid her safe travel through the forest until we met again, as was proper. Red Snow survived. Together we returned to our tribe.

Until today only Red Snow, Icerai, and myself knew that story. This is a thing that happened to me.

Entry #2

I showed that entry to Moli today. She was troubled by that story. She said I should write about something more recent. Today I will write about how I met her.

Four summers ago our hunters found her lost in the woods. She was a lone Human. My tribe is part of the Wolfen Empire. Our elders thought she was a spy. She said she was not. They asked me to use my gifts to find out.

Using my gifts against her will made me uncomfortable. I talked to her instead. Her name was Moli Kineo. I told her what my tribe asked me to do. I asked her permission. She agreed to let me. We bonded and I knew the truth. She was no spy – not anymore. Her story made me want to weep. I did not.

She is not a spy. I said this to the Elders. She needs help to leave the woods. I said that to the Elders too. They did not believe me. I had talked to her. They said that to me. Now I was compromised. They explained. They would not listen to me. They sent messengers to the Wolfen. That night I set her free.

Our bond gave her my skill in the woods. But it would not last. I had to go with her. Together we traveled. She used her own gifts to help us. She was psychic like me. She used her gifts to make illusions. If anyone came close to us she made us hidden. I kept us going the right way. I kept us fed and safe in the woods. She told me stories.

The Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness. I learned about them from her. Many other gods too. But the gods of light held my interest. She was surprised I couldn’t read. She taught me to speak the language of the Elves. She taught me to read the language of the Elves.

Together we reached the southern coast. She could go from there to Lopan in safety. Why don’t I come with her. She asked me that. A Kankoran in Lopan. I almost said no. We traveled there. Outside the reach of the Wolfen Empire. I would go back someday. Before then I would explore Lopan. I would learn about the Church of Light. I would learn to worship Apis.

Entry #3

Today Moli said she was flattered by my last entry. She wanted to know why I showed her this. Because it was her idea. I told her that. She made that noise she makes when she is exasperated. Today I will write about my return to the wilderness.

I spent the next four seasons in Lopan. I learned many things. But I needed to go back to my tribe. I would return and answer for what I did. Moli didn’t understand. We said goodbye. This time the trip was quicker. I avoided the war and the fighting. My tribe had moved. I spent some time finding it. My family and friends were happy I returned. The elders were not happy. I understood.

Messengers were sent to the Wolfen again. I stayed this time. They arrived and I left with them. It was the right thing to do. I would plead my case and face judgement. They barely cared about Moli. They knew about my gifts. They knew I was skilled in the woods. I would serve in their army for two birthdays.

I downplayed my psychic gifts. I am no braggart. In the woods I could be silent. So I was a scout for them. Many Humans and Wolfen died during this time. This makes me sad to remember. I will write about a funny story instead.

I once found a magical flying broom. I do not know why. Not why I found it – why someone would make such a thing. I tried to use it. For two birthdays I served in the Wolfen army. But I was closest to death the day I tried using that broom. The sight of me screaming and dangling from the broom as it flew out of control was funny. I have been told that many times. Comrades who watched it happen told me that. They let me keep the broom. I quickly sold it. I do not regret that.

After my second birthday I was allowed to leave the army. I left and went back to my tribe. The elders accepted my return. But they did not like it. So I made a proper good-bye this time. Then I left. I returned to the southern coast of the wildernessLopan. On the journey I met Icerai again. We traveled together for a while. She offered to show me a great treasure. This would repay her debt. I accepted the honor.

She brought me to a cave. Inside was a hero’s grave. I paid my proper respects. The hero left behind a great treasure. A shortbow from ages past. I hesitated. Icerai prodded me to pick it up. I grasped it. I could hear it talk to me in my head. Azomir, the Unforgiven, it called itself. I was awed. Icerai and I left. She bade me safe travel. I bade her safe travel. We parted ways.

Entry #4

Moli shook her head after reading this journal. She said to just write about yesterday or today. I will do that now.

Yesterday I hunted a boar. I prepared it for my dinner. As I seasoned it I prayed to Apis in thanks. I ate my meal. I went to bed. My dreams were not clairvoyant. I woke up at dawn.

Entry #5

I do not know what was funny. Moli laughed. She told me to just do what I want with this book. She said to just write what I want. I think she had given me good advice. It has been confusing advice. But is it good advice. I will keep writing in this book. I do not know if I will write everyday. Moli thinks it would be good for my reading. But I am not reading. I am writing. She smiled when I told her that. I am glad she spends time with me. Tomorrow we will escort some Humans north. I expect it will be a normal day.

Silent Dream

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