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Hannah’s peregrine falcon.

While it would be cliche for her to have saved Silky from a trap and the two of them to have become fast friends…that is entirely what DIDN’T happen. In an attempt to prove to her mentor that she had the patience, and the focus, to actually become a Ranger, Hannah raised Silky from a chick, training her as a mount the entire time.

Her mentor thought the whole thing was hilarious since he just wanted to see if she’d do it. He started training her immediately thereafter.

HP 20
SDC 12
PPE 13

Attacks: 3
Bite 1D6 Claw 1D4 Diving Claw 3D4
Init +4
Strike +4
Dodge +6
Save HF +1
Spd 88 Burst Dive 200 (1D6x10 minutes) Power Dive 250 (1 only)
17" tall

Picture from Orzel.



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