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The Solarium is the final arbiter of what it means to be a kobold. They ensure that kobold society remains static and remains on the path set out for them initially by their gods. Whenever a kobold begins to leave this path, the Solarium begins by putting trouble in the path of the kobold. Whether this is by sending unaligned kobolds to attack the individual or hiring other individuals, like witches, to interfere with their lives.

Only when these other methods fail does the Solarium begin to send it’s Triads out to take care of the problem.

They are always in groups of 3- 1 mind mage, 1 wizard, 1 archer.
They can mysteriously attack around corners, and always attack from farther than 90’ away. There is some magic that allows them to do this, and it is not known.
They also seem to understand all languages.

Loophole rings are enchanted with the ludicrous spell of the same name. This spell has been lost to time and it exists only in the rings that the archers carry. It is able to create a circular ‘hole’ 1’ in diameter in the air in front of the caster that links it to another ‘hole’ up to 100’ away within line of sight. Both light and matter can pass through the hole in both directions. This can allow a caster to ‘look around corners’ so to speak in order to cast spells (or shoot arrows) at things they can’t normally see. The ring allows 3 castings of the spell each day.

They were created by Andrell the Diminutive. About three hundred years ago there was a kobold alchemist who had a single goal: Ensure that all Kobold kind would always and forever follow the old ways.

All art by AZ_Rune.


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