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According to Xerx’ses knowledge this magic item appears to be nothing more than a greenish river stone that fits snugly in the palm of a hand, until one realizes that the stone is wet at all times, as if the stone itself sits under water. A curious item, few know the potential of these curiosities and they are rarely used for their intended purpose. Originally created by dwarf wizards, these odd magic items can prove invaluable in a pinch.

Benefit: Whenever a Stone of Bridges is thrown into a body of water the magic item creates a sturdy stone expanse that lasts as long as the owner of the magic item desires. This can be just long enough to get a party of adventurers across a raging river before they are overtaken by enemies or it can be to help out a community that, for one reason or another, needs a bridge. If the owner of the bridge decides that the structure has lasted long enough or that person dies, the magic item reverts back to a wet stone, at a random location within 50’ of where the bridge stood, with a 50% chance of being on either side of the body of water. This magical structure can take 65 hit points of damage before being destroyed, which will also ruin the magic item completely.

Xerx’ses gives this to Azariel.

Please see the log When Ego Becomes Justice for more notes about it in the game.

Picture of Stone from Microscopes & Monsters



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