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A talisman is designed to perform one function, to imbue an ordinary object with magic powers. The only substance which cannot be used is iron (and plastic), and the object cannot be larger than two feet
(0.6 m) tall, long or wide. Once an object is transformed into a talisman, the mage can empower it with one magic spell. The spell can be selected from levels one through eight, excluding illusion types. Of course, to implant the spell the sorcerer must already know it and it must be a spell invocation, not a ritual.

After its initial creation, the talisman can be used to cast its one spell for a total of three times. After all three have been cast, the object is drained. The mystic who created the talisman can replace the exhausted spells by casting the same spell invocation combined with part of the talisman spell or ritual. The cost to recharge/replace the magic is 50 P.P.E. plus the cost of the spell invocation. Note that the process must be repeated for each of the three identical spells (each at a cost of 50 P.P.E. plus the spell’s P.P.E. cost). Thus, to recharge all three identical spells would cost 150 P.P.E. plus, but this process can be spread out over a period of days to avoid draining the mage of his P.P.E. reserve. The aspect of “three spells” may be the source of legends that grant three wishes.

A talisman can be used for one purpose other than spell storage. The mage can elect to make it a potential psychic energy battery. Instead of spells, the mystic can put up to 50 P.P.E. into it, plus expend 50 P.P.E. in the storage process. The talisman can then be used at a later time to bolster the character’s normal P.P.E. reserve. A talisman that is a P.P.E. battery can never hold spells, and vice versa.

A talisman can be destroyed by smashing it. That’s all there is to it. A talisman will work for anybody, but only the sorcerer who made it. or an alchemist, can recharge it.



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