Teleport - Superior

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A magic-user can instantly transport himself and up to 2000 lbs (900 kg), per level of experience, hundreds of miles away. A magic-user can teleport himself alone, or other people and objects within 20 feet (6 m) of him. The total number of people and items which the character can teleport is limited by the amount of weight he can handle (2000 lbs per level of experience).

Chances of a successful teleport:
1. Teleporting to a familiar location, or a destination visible from one’s starting point: 99%.
2. A place visited only a few times before (2-6 times): 85%.
3. A place seen in a picture (the picture is being looked at during the moment of teleportation): 80%.
4. A place never visited before, but described in detail: 58%.
5. A place never before visited and known only by name or from a brief description: 20%.

Results of an Unsuccessful Teleport:
1-40 Appears at the wrong place. No idea of present location; 3D6xlOO miles off course.
41-75 Appears at the wrong place. No idea of present location; 1D6x100 miles off course.
76-98 Teleport several feet above the ground; everybody falls, suffering 2D6 damage.
99-00 Teleport into an object; instant death!


Teleport - Superior

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