The Huntress

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This weapon embodies the spirit of the hunt. It is currently held by Alouette. While the weapon detests the touch of men, and prefers its wielders to remain chaste, it doesn’t discriminate as long as its wielder is female. It does, however, require that they be devoted to the Hunt. Exactly what the Hunt is may vary based upon the wielder’s understanding, but mostly it is an innate desire for betterment. Betterment is also characterized in her mind as using her at least once per day, be that for simple target practice or for combat.

When someone who is male attempts to wield her she deals 1d6 damage per minute that character characters. She also desires to only be wielded by a worthy and experienced character so she deals 1 damage per minute per level below 15 of a character. If a level 1 character were to attempt to wield her she would deal 14 points of damage per minute, or 5 points of damage per minute to a level 9 character. Finally, she is a weapon of the light and as such she deals 1d6 damage per melee to any Selfish or Evil aligned characters who attempt to wield her. She will never bond with any of the above groups.

The Huntress is a Rune Longbow made of a silver colored metal and emblazoned with black runes. The bowstring seems to be made of a braided thread of gold cord that never loses its strength even when leaving the bow strung for long periods of time.

The primary special ability of the bow is that it is able to generate 16 arrows per day out of thin air. While using these arrows the archer is able to make 5 additional attacks per melee, provided they use nothing but the arrows generated by the bow for the entire melee round. These arrows are all 2d6+6 damage. These arrows disappear at the end of the melee.

With any arrow, the bow grants the following bonuses: +6 to strike, +50 feet to base range. Once the character has bonded with the bow they gain the following additional bonuses: +1d4 damage with any non-generated arrow, with the exception of lightning arrows, and the bow will generate an additional 16 arrows per day.

When bonded with the bow the user is able to cast Chameleon on themselves at will.


The Huntress

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