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Holy Axe of Thoth

Cava’s Axe, it radiates magic. It now does 6D6 Damage.

Resembling the offspring of a Lochabar and a pick-headed fire axe, Thor-ak is a beautiful weapon full of graceful lines. Delicate inlay adorns the head, and the haft features elegant rune script that translates to: ‘The Fist of Thoth and the Fury of Isis: Divine Instrument of Light, Bane of the Dark.’

Its moods often influence Cava, especially when there’s an issue concerning justice or retribution.

After Thoth blesses the axe on Lemaria it feels far heavier- awkward when wielded with one hand but comfortable with two.

Double Damage to Demons/Deevils/Minions of Taut/Supernatural Evil Creatures
Remove Curse 50% Once/person only
Healing Touch 2D6 SDC or HP 6 times/daily
IQ 8 Very dour, sarcastic, sardonic.
Appears Scrupulous

Thor-ak’s History

Thor-ak was forged by a Dwarven runesmith in the Age of a Thousand Magics. He was forged in the Dwarven city of Goran Othic, a large city on the border of the Dwarven and Elven empires, and was held by both through the end of that age and the coming of the Age of Elf and Dwarf. When war broke out he was in the hands of a dwarf named Ofwald Hardhands, and Thor-ak refused to do more than minimal (1D6) damage to any elf. He was thus cast away in disgust, in a small town in the Baalgor Mountains. There he passed, silently, for millenia. He was discovered by an Elven adventurer and his party of treasure hunters. He was told of the Elf-Dwarf War, and asked the adventurer to place him in the hands of someone that was not either race. Thor-ak swore that he would never give his power to either dwarf or elf again. He was thus brought back to Alarassa, and there he sat in a case for another few hundred years, where he chatted only with the legendary sword Isis’ Torch. This sword, while annoyingly talkative, helped improve Thor-ak’s mood, and gave him a true telling of the war between Light and Dark. Isis’ Torch was given to Firsar many hundreds of years ago, when Firsar joined the Defilers.

At an unknown point he was taken by a Ramen out of the case, and was taken to Thoth. Thoth silenced him, telling him that he was to awaken in the hands of one taken by dark, to help bring him to light. After being pressed for more information it is revealed that Thoth himself used him once in a battle against Apepi the dragon god of Taut, and barely escaped alive.

Thus Thor-ak was found, seemingly ordinary in Cava’s hands, until his possession by Anubis. His long silences are explained by the fact that he has dwelled far longer alone than in action. It also explains his humor, and lack thereof, and the fact that he is proud to be in a human’s hand.

Picture by charred



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