Three Sisters of Dawn

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Holy Goupillon Flail

Indaris’ Holy Flail, it does the following:

2(x) damage to Magic, Supernatural, or Minions of the Dark
Create Bread/Milk- 4th level 6(x)/day
Negate Poison- 4th level 6(x)/day as well as 1D6 HP
Expel Demons/Deevils- 89% Lesser, 44% Greater. Throw straight up in air. Takes 1 attack, but expels to own dimension for 140 days.

The handle of the weapon is classic beautiful women sculpture with the body of pristine ivory, the clothes are black ebony with gold inlay and the chain silvery to the heads of the mace that are also pristine white ivory beautiful faces in white with a black crown with golden spikes, with one face looking peaceful, one angry, and one busy. Anyone with knowledge of the Gods of Light would recognize the figure of Isis in 3 of her incarnations.


Three Sisters of Dawn

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