Timeline Second Year of CrIsis

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Each ankh represents a significant moment in A God…Rebuilt, and in the lives of CrIsis, the player characters. By clicking on an ankh you will go to a deeper description of the event. The dates are given in Palladium month, but Rift’s year, as each kingdom has their own way of tracking years. Please refer to the Palladium Calendar for more on dates and years.

For the timeline of CrIsis’ current year see here.
For the timeline of CrIsis’ 1st year see here.

For a recap of CrIsis’ escapades see the recap. For the best recounting, go to the campaigns page. Each log is written by the player characters themselves, and paints a true picture of CrIsis.

My thanks to the wonderful Pils for his hard work on the timelines.


Timeline Second Year of CrIsis

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