Timiro Kingdom History

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Humankind’s second oldest kingdom, rich with merchants and slavery. The slavery issue was a powder keg, as the number of slaves were almost half the number of their human masters. King Guy abolished slavery.

Population: 725.000 Humans, 30,000 Dwarves, 10,000 Elves 100,000 other Slave Population 350,000
Capital: Credia
Ruler: King Guy
Government: Monarchy
Law: Standard Only humans, dwarves and elves can be citizens.
Armed Force: Well trained, with the largest navy on Palladium.
Religion: The Church of Light and Dark is the official, and most practiced, religion. Other popular religions are the Pantheon of Rurga and Elementalism.
Special Notes:
Slavery: While slavery is practiced throughout Palladium, with the exception of the Wolfen Empire, nowhere else had this high a percentage of slaves. There was a slave rebellion started by General Mordox and Skred that gained strength, and eventually King Guy abolished the practice.

Cities and Places in the Timiro Kingdom


Timiro Kingdom History

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