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Capital of the Sun Child Tribe this city is often called “Cow City”. There are numerous cattle yards and cattle yards throughout. The locals, even when not in town, do what outsiders call the “Cow Step” (the local Sun Child Tribe call it the Sun Step). This is a light footed walk caused by dodging too many cow patties.

All the streets in this town are 3-4 times wider than average to accommodate the heavy cattle traffic. It also, like the tribe whose capital city this is, has numerous bright colors coming out of the dust. CrIsis is attacked in their inn by Alu Demons, and almost lose a member.

See the campaign logs Bathing in Bennude?, Rise of Signs, Night of the Alu Demons, Return From the City of the Dead, for more on CrIsis in Tolosonya.

This is where CrIsis decides to turn around, and rather than face a winter in the Northern Wilderness, turn around and go back to Seaholm where Matilda lies safely docked.

Gavin joins King Avramson on an evening trip to this town. See the log Rise of the Brotherhood.

Picture from Nilfanion.



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