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Mind Mage, Worshiper of Amon

Complete character sheet is Here.


Well built human male wearing leather pants and vest with two bandoleers of knives running across his chest. He has short dark black hair, and no noticeable scars.

Picture from Global Fight.


Ulfar was born to the circus, as his first memories are his caretaker training to preform, the ring leader was a Western Empire ex-mercenary; he was hard and cruel. But he taught Ulric many things, the one Ulfar remembers most is why kill some one, when maiming them to take their own life if they truly could not live.

During his time in the mobile shows he was taught how to preform entire plays by himself his natural abilties lending themselves to it. Throwing knives and axes with precise precision. He was also able to make friends with the other members of the troop, as he talked to them he found the ring master had bought or enslaved every membermember of the troop, as fate would have it a new chapter in Ulfar’s life was to begin.

The band was called to tour the western empire after a perilous season in the yin sloth jungles circuit. The first night of the new show, Ulfar was startled by a women in a black dress who appeared in his drssing room, the women never lifted her hood only spoke two lines but with those two lines Ulfar’s life opened. Even now Ulfar can hear the words of his mistress “Ammon picks you, now open your mind and receive your power”

As the last word hit his ear Ulfar’s head exploded, with pain and he blacked out for how long he lay there is unknown. When he awoke, he knew his purpose to serve his mistress and seek out her vessel but first he would have to free himself.

That evening Ulfar slew the six human guards, offering their blood to his goddess, as he captured the ring master, as Ulric stood like a grizzly statue covered in the blood of the guards he bade the others do what they wanted to extract their revenge. Four days later the heap of flesh begged Ufar to kill him, Ulfar only smiled as he cut the man’s hand, feet and tongue from his body. Before healing the stumps and dropping him at the slave merchants door.

Turning the cart Ulfar has never looked back, harnessing his power, his friends act as the courts private entertainment and the real power behind the thrones secret muscle.


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