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“Oaths & Vows of Heaven’s Light”

This plain book was given along with the great flail Prodromus Lex. It has a locking clasp with no key hole. The book is first mentioned in the campaign log: “Apis Lays Down the Law” for more information about its presentation to its owner.

When Xerx’ses awakes in the morning he sees a symbol he has been thinking about as his divine sigil upon the book. He nods and notices it has a simple shoulder strap that connects and both ends of the book spine. He touches the symbol and says the words that his priests will one day utter before every ceremony.

“Oaths & Vows Are What We Use To Uphold The Laws We Set.”


✠ Semi-Indestructible: Only by destroying Xerx’ses is the book susceptible to damage.
✠ Never ending pages: Each of the two sections is divided by thin red-dyed leather. While it is hard to tell now there will always be one more page that can be used for followers or oaths & vows.
✠ First section: This section of the book lists the true name of every followers of Xerx’ses as the God of Oaths & Vows.
✠ Second Section: A thin strip of leather Xerx’ses recognizes as Mologoth hide is what separates the second section of the book from the first. In this section is every Vows and Oaths taken in Xerx’ses’ name. The Oath or Vow which is broken shall appear in red, and you will know immediately it is so. The true name of the Breaker shall appear. Speak the name aloud and you shall appear in front of the transgressor. If you say the name in your mind you can implant a short vision in that person’s mind that evening.

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.


Uradi Votum Caelo Lux

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