Ursus Adraodan Deputies

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This is the list of Adraodan minotaurs that befriended Ursus during CrIsis’ first visit and became his deputies for Xerx’ses & Laval’liere wedding.

1. Are’fajar Fearlessheart – He is the self-appointed leader of this sub-herd of the tribe – Crusader of Light

2. Tetus Gloryslash – Out for himself and the glory of battle – Crusader of Light

3. Koor’baran Ironhorn – Psychic Sensitive, mind bonded with Ursus.

4. D’jartagar Rockhorn – The most serious of the group – Warrior Monk

5. Datu’rok Singlehorn – He has just a single horn, born that way, no stub either, & usually ridiculed, but it speaks of a certain destiny and fate – Crusader of Light

6. Gran’maruk & Toon’dor Boulderhide – Twin trickster brothers, they shoved Are’fajar into Ursus – Crusaders of Light

7. Jarfa’ruk Stormroar – The largest of the group, Over 9’ tall, he is not the brains of the group, he was able to almost match Ursus in all the antics and training during CrIsis’ first visit – Crusader of Light

8. Artus Dragonvigor – The real thinker and tactician of the group. His ideas get them into and out of trouble, he planted the idea of shoving Are’fajar into Ursus – Crusaders of Light [readers note: 20 IQ and max ME]

Ursus Adraodan Deputies

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