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Ashada Monk Scholar, Ally of Apis and Horus

Ashada monk scholar that Ja’Deir marries. Works in the Library of Bletherad as a researcher, though her research project is a mystery.

Name Vesuvia
True Name Maraud Ell’sol
Rank 10th Level
OCC Scholar Monk
Race Ashada
Land of Origin Land of the Damned
Citizenship Xarys

Above picture Credit: Galax Cardinal


Great Horned Dragon Monk Scholar, Ally of Apis and Horus

The Great Horned Dragon is the most feared and powerful of all known dragons of the Palladium World.

Vesuvia towers 30’ tall and has expansive wings. Her head, neck and spine (down to its tail tip) are covered with wicked looking spines, reminiscent of Rose thorns, of varying sizes. Her nearly opalescent skin is mainly teal in color, though in low light, especially in torch or candlelight, it radiates other hues of the spectrum.

She is a master of <one> and spends the entirety of her free time pursuing scholarly studies She enjoys the company of Ashada above all others (for reasons unknown), with Elves, Humans, and Wolfen tied a close second and intelligent beings in general.

Consequently, she walks amongst humans disguised through metamorphosis as a beautiful Ashada female. She spent a century of her short life posing as a spiritual leader of the Ashada, and has taken it upon herself to champion their cause, and is studying to find a way to permanently transition Xarys to a dimensional plane of its own. She is aligned with Apis and Horus.

Name Vesuvia
True Name Maraud Ell’sol
Rank 10th Level
OCC Scholar Monk
Race Great Horned Dragon
Land of Origin Land of the Damned
Citizenship Xarys

HT 20tx50lx90w’ IQ 27(+13) Save vs Magic +0 Strike +
WT 30 tons ME 25 Save vs Psionics +5 Parry +
PPE 166 MA 11 Save vs coma +0 Dodge +
HP 150 PS 16 Save vs poison/disease +0 Roll +
SDC 443 PP 14 Save vs horror +6 Pull +
ISP 65 PE 16 Save vs Possession +8 Initiative +
AR 11 PB 20 Save vs Insanity +8 Damage +1
Sex Female SPD 11 Disarm +
Birthday 11/11/022(Age 111) Charm/Impress 50% Critical 20
HTH: Basic Knockout/Stun 18-20 Attacks ?
Alignment Principled Perception +1
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown Damage Bonus
Weapons: Damage Notes
Natural Abilities: Notes
Nightvision 100 ft (30.5 m)
|See Invisible
Turn Invisible Natural
Prehensile Tail
Bio-regeneration 1D4 x 10 S.D.C per minute
Resistant to fire and cold Does half damage, including M.D. magic fire and plasma energy
metamorphosis at will Duration 4 hours per level of experience
* Teleport self * 92%
dimensional teleport 52%+4% per level of experience, and all other dimensional powers, magic and knowledge common to most “true” dragons.
Fire Breath (Special) Range: 100 feet (30.5 m), six feet wide (1.8 m), inflicts 4D6 S.D.C and can be used as often as three times per melee round. The width of the blast enables the dragon to strike several opponents (2-6) simultaneously if they are huddled closely together.
Glide Strike +1
Glide Dodge +3
Cold Resistant 1/2 damage
Jump 15’4"
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
6 from Sensitive
6 from Physical
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Basic Math 98%
Advanced Math 98%
Literacy: Dragonese 98%
Literacy: Ashada 98%
Literacy: Dwarven 98%
Literacy: Demon 98%
Literacy: Ancient Human 98%
Lanuage: 98%
Lanuage: 98%
Lanuage: 98%
Lanuage: 98%
Lanuage: 98%
Lanuage: 98%
Lore: Demon&Monster 98%
Lore: Faerie 98%
Lore: Magic 33% 98%
Gemology 28% 98%
Sing 28% 98%
Holistic Medicine & Chemistry 18% 80
Wilderness Survival 18% 80
Area Knowledge: Land of the Damned 18% 80
Research 18% 80
Legal Knowledge 18% 80
Dance 18% 80
Play Musical Instrument: Woodwinds 18% 80
Sign Language 18% 80
Writing 18% 80
Cook 18% 80
Sew 18% 80
Disguise 18% 80
Animal Husbandry 18% 80
Falconry 18% 80
Running 18% 80
Swimming 18% 80
Anthropology 18% 80
Archaeology 18% 80
Breed Dogs 18% 80
Identify Plants & Fruits 18% 80

Dragon picture Credit: Pipsqueak09


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