WayRa Tiriaq

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WayRa Tiriaq

Native Human, or Eoten, Chieftain of the Kanáta’ village, located on the Northern Sea in the Northern Hinterlands


WayRa is the Chieftain the village that is sort of a protectorate of Ursus. The full story behind this relationship is described in Ursus’ bio. WayRa has been the Chieftain for 15 years and was one of the elders for 5 years before that.

The Eoten from this region are the hardiest of the residents. They are the greatest hunters and rangers in the region. Many times parties wishing to explore the region will hire them as scouts and guides.

Although each village is it’s own entity, they do have a larger counsel of villages that will come together to discuss news from the realm and world, and when a killer winter is predicted, to pool resources for survival. Most of the independent Villages are located on the shores of Bear’s Head Bay, as this is the primary source of food and commerce for the villages.

Picture is from Canadian Museum of History

WayRa Tiriaq

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