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The oldest known human kingdom is the Western Empire, formed 5800 years ago. The Western Empire is the power to be reckoned with in the Palladium rule, and no single kingdom can stand up to it alone. It is also decadent, corrupt, and cruel, earning the nickname “Empire of Sin.”

Please refer to the Western Empire History for more.

They are aligned with the Isle of the Cyclops.

No Name is a member of CrIsis from the Western Empire, specifically the Middle Kingdoms. Navelo was a member of CrIsis from the Western Empire, and Azariel was a member that hailed from there- although he came from the Old Kingdom territory, not a big city. Bungo and Caminata took it even farther from civilization, coming from the Vequerrel Woodlands. Burlap came from the largest city in all of Palladium, the Western Empire capital, Caer Itom.

Cities of the Western Empire
Regions of the Western Empire

Flag from our own AZ_Rune.



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