Western Empire History

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The oldest known human kingdom is the Western Empire, formed 5800 years ago. The Western Empire is the power to be reckoned with in the Palladium rule, and no single kingdom can stand up to it alone. It is also decadent, corrupt, and cruel, earning the nickname “Empire of Sin.”

Population: Approximately 10 million The demographics approximate are 60% Human, 10% Elf, 8% Dwarf, 10% Orc 12% Other. There is also a slave population of 3 million.

Capital: Caer Itom

Ruler: Emperor Voelkian Itomas II

Government: Regional Monarchy- The Imperial House controls all, the 12 Regional Houses control the 12 Regions, reporting to the Imperial House. Provincial Houses control their province, reporting to their Regional House. Lastly there are the City-State Houses, which control 1-3 cities or towns.

Law: Varies from region to region, but typically standard- with much bribery.

Armed Forces: 500,000 strong, plus another 500,000 to 1 million reservists, militia, and regional armies.

Religion: Officially the Church of Light and Dark, but as diverse as the regions. All religions can be found in the Western Empire, from good to evil to craven.

Special Notes:

Density: This is by far the most densely populated region of the Palladium world. Caer Itom has over 2 million residents, including slaves, alone! However, even here there are stretches of wilderness several hundred square miles with perhaps 100 people.

“Empire of Sin”: Everything, and anything, and anyone, can be bought and sold here. Drug use, crime, and bribery are the norm, not the exception.

Magic: Adding in outsiders’ minds to the sin is the complete acceptance, and in some areas, obsession, of magic. There are some cities in which alchemists specialize because of the competition.

War: Most wars since the Elf-Dwarf War have been started by the Western Empire. Most feel that it is when, not if, this will occur again.

Çynopolis: While officially an independent kingdom controlled by the Church of Light and Dark, the City of the Dead is protected by the Western Empire. It is the burial place of all past Western Empire emperors.

Cities of the Western Empire
Regions of the Western Empire


Western Empire History

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