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Dark Priest of the Iron Claw Tribe

Weylyn is the second son of Bodolf, and brother to Ulrich and Raulf. He is currently an Iron Claw priest to the Church of Taut. He is slated to be the next Bishop for the Iron Claw Tribe. Publicly he stands with the ostracization of his brother Raulf. He takes this stand because of his father and his leadership in the Church. Very privately, he despises himself for such public hatred. All his life he has lived by clan and family, no matter what. He keeps this very hidden, for fear of the wrath of the Church, and especially his Father. One day maybe they can be a pack again.

Physical Description:

Solid black fur, average Wolfen height and build. He has no discerning marks or features, other than his black as coal eyes.

Picture from Imagui


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