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No matter where travelers are heading or why they are in the Bruu-ga-Belimar mountains, they will inevitably stop at a friendly little village called Wrijin. It is the last point of civilization along one of the few known (and safe) mountain trails.

Wrijin is likely to become your temporary home base. It is a pleasant, two horse (and one guy owns both horses), medium size village of predominately Wolfen people, located about a third of the way up the actual mountain. From here every place in the Bruu-ga-Belimars is a reasonable distance.

The road, if you can call it that, is some 1000 feet from the outskirts of town. A smaller, but well traveled path leads into the heart of town. As visitors approach town, they see an occasional wood house peeking through the light woods. Many of the trees have obviously been cut down for construction and to make the village more accessible.

The village proper is a small cluster of a dozen or so buildings, with homes recessed farther away in the woods. The population is large and uncharacteristically friendly for these parts. Residents are mainly Wolfen, some Humans, a few Orcs, and scattered other races (Goblin, Coyle, Ogre, etc.). Most of the Wolfen and non-human individuals are cool toward strangers, especially human strangers, but tolerant and basically polite.

Visitors are encouraged to stay in the main part of town and not to invade the privacy of the homes that surround it. Although there is no formal peace keeping force, Wrijin is an honest, law-abiding, gods fearing village. The residents are close knit and caring. Any ill will toward one of the villagers will definitely cause the entire population to cast a wary and discerning eye on the visiting trouble-maker. Acts of violence and racial harassment of any villager will not be tolerated. The fool who attacks one of the residents out of malice or prejudice is likely to find himself tarred and feathered before being run out of town.

The village is governed by a council of elders, four Wolfen, a Human, an Ogre, and an Orc. Although not a member of the elders, old Ithak’s opinions are regarded with great consideration.

Roggan finds a home here, with Wakiw.

The description of Wrijin is directly from Palladium Books.

Picture thanks to the Masterful Thomas Kinkade!



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