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Pronounced (SHA-mah SCOwn-de) This mace is of unknown origin. Azariel bought it from an alchemist in the Western Empire. It is invisible when it is held by the same owner for more than one month. Its head is covered in fire, and comes with a special case to protect the owner. Lastly, three times per day it can shoot fire balls, which come out from its head visibly, doing 3D6+ 2 damage at a 60’ range.

Azariel, spurred by the pain of a loss of his god, and inspired by the strange nature of his new mace, penned the following:

Hidden Flame

I FEED a flame within, which so torments me
That it both pains my heart, and yet contents me:
’Tis such a pleasing smart, and I so love it,
That I had rather die than once remove it.

Yet he, for whom I grieve, shall never know it;
My tongue does not betray, nor my eyes show it.
Not a sigh, nor a tear, my pain discloses,
But they fall silently, like dew on roses.

Thus, to prevent my Love from being cruel,
My heart ’s the sacrifice, as ’tis the fuel;
And while I suffer this to give him quiet,
My faith rewards my love, though he deny it.

On his eyes will I gaze, and there delight me;
While I conceal my love no frown can fright me.
To be more happy I dare not aspire,
Nor can I fall more low, mounting no higher.

John Dryden



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