Y Weapons

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These are the weapons that Ja’Deir recovered from the volcano Y on the island of Y-Oda. The mad hermit mage Haladriel calls out each of the weapon’s names.

The hilt has many pieces of looping metal, as if shoelaces before the tie. 4 diamonds in between crosses of loops. The guard has two dragon faces with mother of pearl for the eyes. The blade is adorned in silver runes, and it is weighted for throwing.
10" long bone blade looks like a curved dragons tooth, gem encrusted hilt. Sharpened to metal blade thinness on both sides. Hilt has runes in between the gems, very fancy.
Looks almost as if it is a mini lance. Dark hilt, built only to stab. Runes in red on hilt. Dark bone blade.
Hilt is themed to look lie a black dragon, with gems for eyes. Blade is gracefully curved black with red runes.
Standard looking, except for the runes in between the points on the ball. Unadorned otherwise- looks very plain and simple.

All weapon art by AZ_Rune.
Volcano Y art by Spencer Douglass.


Y Weapons

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