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Elven Alchemist in Training, Worshiper of Osiris

Azariel is a fair-skinned elf, just leaving his adolescence for adulthood. His perfect teeth, strong jaw-line, and intense blue-grey eyes make most Human and Wolfen girls swoon, though due to a slightly hooked nose he isn’t gorgeous for an elf.

He has shaggy golden brown hair, and most who see it would call it “Feathery” for the way it swoops out at the ends in random places. He has a long beard, with his cheeks shaved low, accentuating his jaw-line, and the goatee pulled into a tight, sleek braid, mimicking his Lord, Osiris. It is adorned with 6 beads each inscribed with the sign of Osiris on ornate copper wire wrapping it.

He has an average build for an elf, at 6’2” and 180 lbs. While out of combat, he always has a toothy grin, and is always ready to joke. While in combat, he is harsh, focused, and almost ruthless.

He is never without a polished rounded shield, adorned with the Crook and Flail, and his magical mace, Xama’sconde, which has fire eternally dancing along its two feet of polished Iron, and roaring from its war-hammer-like head. The only catch is that it is invisible to the naked eye, so only those that can see invisible see it’s beauty. He wears a yellow wide-brimmed hat, starched and oiled to stay out of his eyes, even in rain. His cloak is yellow as well, with a large hood. It is hemmed with leather made from a light-skinned animal, with runes etched into it. He wears a tabard of his guild, black with a white leafless tree with its roots exposed, over a loose white shirt with tight cuffs, tucked into his baggy tan pants held up by a wide black leather belt. His very loose pants pouf at the calves, where they tuck into soft leather boots.

Picture by Peachyco.

Name Azariel
True Name: Alea-iacta est
Rank 14th Level
OCC 4th Level Summoner, 6th Level Wizard, 4th Level Diabolist
Current OCC 3rd Level Diabolist
Race Elf
Land of Origin: Western Empire
Citizenship: Western Empire

HT 6’2" IQ 15 Save vs Magic +7 Strike +2(8)
WT 180 lbs ME 19 Save vs Psionics +2 Parry +4(8)
PPE 211/308 MA 10 Save vs coma +14% Dodge +4(8)
HP 75/75 PS 10 Save vs poison/disease +4 Roll +4
SDC 20/20 PP 15 Save vs horror +8 Pull +4
Level 14 PE 22 Save vs Possession +3 Initiative 0
Exp. 321,415 PB 17 Save vs Mind Control +3 Damage +4
Sex Male SPD 29 Save vs Insanity +2 Perception +2
Birthday 4/09/03 (Age 98) Critical 19,20
HTH: Basic Charm 35% Attacks 6
Alignment Scrupulous Crit or Knockout Behind
Western Empire: 30,000 <> Island of Bizantium <> Eastern Territory
Timiro Kingdom 5,666 <> Wolfen Empire <> Dragon Coin: 222

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown
Blunt 1 +5 +5 +2
Shield 1 +3 +6
Paired Blunt/Shield 7
Weapons: Damage Notes
Xama’sconde 4D6 Flame, Invisible, Fire Balls 3x/day 60’ 3D6+2
Small Iron Shield 1D4 30 SDC Crook & Flail
Kick Attacks: Damage
Snap 1D6
Special Attacks: Damage
Body Flip 1D6
Natural Abilities: Notes
Nightvision 60’
Magic: Spell Level- 6 Spell Strength: 14
Spell Casting In Spell Book Level Acquired Level of Spell PPE Cost Range Duration Save Notes
Decipher Magic Y 4 1 4 Self 2 min/lev None Read runes, magic symbols, inscriptions at 94%. Not wards or circles.
Sense Magic Y 4 1 4 120’ 2 min/lev None Diameter, near (w/in 20’) or far. Tell Person/object enchanted, in process of invoking magic, or magic used in area.
Cloud of Slumber 4 1 4 90’ 2 melee/lev Std 20′×20′×20′ cloud Anyone in cloud falls into magic sleep. If dragged out of cloud wake in 1D4 melees
Globe of Daylight 4 1 2 30’ 3 min/lev None Illuminates 12’/lev Max speed 12
Tongues 4 6 12 Self or touch 5 min/lev None All Spoken Languages at 94%
See the Invisible Y 4 1 4 200’ 1 min/lev None See any force, object or creature that is invisible by spell or natural
Concealment 4 2 6 40’ 5 min/lev Std 1 object/cast Smaller than 14"long, 6" width, weigh less than 14 lbs
Heavy Breathing 4 2 5 60’ 5 melee/lev Std 6’ radius up to 60’ away 60% chance fail save flee, else -2 strike, -1 parry/dodge
Mystic Alarm 5 2 5 12’ 1 year/lev None 1 object/cast Silent alarm in mage’s head, no matter where mage is
Turn Dead 5 2 6 60’ Instant Std 1D6/level 24 hours must stay away. Only skeletons, mummies, corpses that are animated like marionettes
See Aura Y 5 1 6 100’ 1 melee Special Level xp=low-med-high, magic, psychic, high/low base PPE, possessed, serious illness, unusual abberation (IE Supernatural) but not type
Armor of Ithan 6 3 10 Self or touch 1 min/lev None 100+10/lev AR 18 Fire, lightning, cold 1/2 dam
Breathe Without Air Y 6 3 5 Self or touch 3 min/lev None Function w/out air
Carpet of Adhesion 6 3 10 30+10’/lev 10 melee/lev Special 200 sq ft If save 2D6 melees
Shadow Meld 6 4 10 Self 2 min/lev None See Notes
Circle of Flame 6 5 10 10’ 2 min/lev None 10’ around mage 5’ Tall 6D6 dam to any who pass through
Eyes of Thoth Y 6 5 8 Self or Touch 10 min/lev None Read and understand all languages, including runes
Fly Y 6 5 15 Touch 6 min/lev None Not made of metal 1000’ 35 mph Max length/width 6’ Seated flight
Words of Truth Y 6 6 15 5’ 1 min/lev Std Compelled answer ?s truthfully. 2 ?s/melee Answer only caster Save each ?
Call Lightning 6 6 15 300’ Instant Dodge Nat 20 or mod 24 1D6/lev Must be in line of sight
Time Slip 7 6 20 Self 7 seconds None See Notes
Fleet Feet 7 6 20 20’ 2 melee/lev None Self or Other w/in 20’ Doubles PP,Spd,& Attacks Negative moving so fast -2 Init, no save surprise, -20% Delicate skills
Multiple Image 8 4 7 Self 1 min/lev Special Creates 3 images of mage. Iron pierces fakes. Save at -6 (strength +6) Mage +2 init, +2 dodge, +1 strike
Invisibility (Superior) Y 9 7 20 Self or Up to 2 3 Mins/Lvl None Completely invisible, cannot be seen by any means other than see invis. No footprints, sound gives prowl at least 84%, See Invis = semi-transparent (still -2 to strike against), pops out of invis if start aggression toward person.
Remove Curse Y 9 11 140 10’ Instant None D20+5 as spell, D20+10 as ritual 4D4 minutes Must roll over curse power
Heal Wounds Y 10 5 10 3’ Instant Std 3D6 SDC & 1D6 HP
Dispel Magic Barrier Y 10 7 20 100’ Instant Std Dispels Magic/Psionic barriers of any kind except wards, circles, or weather
Temple Leap (MG) Y 10 13 500 Self/Touch Instantaneous Std if resisted Notes: May take up to 2,000 pounds.
Sometimes a diversion, sometimes a distraction, sometimes a lifesaving move, this spell, also known as Leap of Faith allows a wizard to move to the next nearest temple of the same faith (or pantheon, if applicable and the temple includes the caster’s deity). If there is no other temple on the plane then nothing happens. This spell is Self or Touch as the caster may decide to go himself or with others.
Circles: Circle Strenth: 16
Protection Just a list due to space restrictions Page 138-140 Main Book

Simple, Superior, Angels, Deevils, Demons, Elementals, Elemental Forces, Evil, Faeries, Ghosts, Good, Jinn, Magic (simple and superior), Minion of Taut, Old Ones, Undead, Witches, Were-beasts

Summoning Just a list due to space restrictions Page 140-148 Main Book

Angels, Animal, Lesser Demon/Deevil, Greater Demon/Deevil, Elemental, Elemental Forces, Faerie, Gargoyle/Sub-Demon, Ghosts, Insects, Jinn, Minion of Light, Pawn, Serpents, Spirits, Undead
Can summon and control 2 lesser or 1 greater being

Power Duration PPE Description
Power Matrix While Mage Occupies 500/100 Links 2-4 circles together, allowing mage to draw upon powers/abilities of each Pg 153
Power Leech While Mage Occupies 300/100 Range 30’/lvl. All magic in radius halved while active. All magic directed at circle or mage is negated. Save is -2 vs circles. Pg 153
Diabolism: Ward Strength: 14 Ward Phrases per day: 44
Eternal Torch Ring AR 14 Toughened Skin
Ring of Sixth Sense Right Pinky Gives wearer Sixth Sense 2x per day: 90’ range, +6 init, +2 parry, +3 dodge 1st melee
Finger of Osiris Armband 1 Worn Finger of Osiris attached to the right arm under the baggy shirtsleeve, with a slip-knot wristband for easy attachment.
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language:Western 98 1 14 98%
Language:Eastern 40+5 20 1 14 98%
Language:Elven 40+5 20 1 14 98%
Literacy:Western 30+5 20 1 14 98%
Literacy:Elven 30+5 20 1 14 98%
Lore:Demons & Monsters 25+5 20 1 14 98%
Gemology 25+5 15 1 14 98%
History:Elves, Dwarves, Humans
Wolfen, Orcs, Minotaurs 35+5 15 1 14 98%
Lore:Religion 30+5 15 1 1 98%
Mathematics:Basic 45+5 20 1 14 98%
Preserve Food 30+5 20 1 14 98%
WP Blunt 1 14
WP Shield 1 14
Swimming (Blessed) 40+5 1 14 98%
Seamanship (Blessed) 22+4 1 14 74%
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Appraise Goods 30+5 15 1 14 98%
Blacksmith 40+5 15 1 14 98%
Art 35+5 15 1 14 98%
Rope Works 30+5 15 1 14 98%
Writing 20+5 15 1 14 98
Cryptography 15+5 15 1 14 95%
Sculpt/Whittle 30+5 15 1 14 98%
Astronomy/Navigation 30+5 15 3 14 98%
Math:Advanced 45+5 7 14 80%
Running 7 14
Bartering (pro) 25+5 25 9 14 75%
Mountaineering 30+5 30 9 14 95%
Jewelry Making 25+5 15 12 14 50%
Mystic Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Decipher Circles 20+4 1 4s4d 52%
Mystic Symbology 88+1 1 4s4d 96%
Recog Enchantment 40+5 1 14 98%
Recog Magic 20+5 1 14 85%
Recog Wards, Symbols 15+5 1 14 80%
Lore: Magic 25+5% 20% 4 14 90%
Literacy: Runes 88+1% 11 14 92%
Use Magic Circles 30+5% 11 14 50%
ID Active Runes 25+5% 11 14 45%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Dance 30+5 1 14 90%
Play Cello 25+5 1 14 85%
Research 40+5 1 14 98%
Horsemanship:Exotic 30/20+5 1 14 95/85%
Lore:Geomancy 25+5 3 14 80%
Recog Weapon 25+5 3 14 80%
WP Paired: Paired Blunt/Shield 3 14
Card Shark 24+4 8 14 48%
Language:Dwarven 40+5 8 14 70%
Climbing 40/35+5 9 14 65/60%

Xama’sconde 1 Worn Invisible flaming mace, in a special sheath worn on the hip.
Small Iron Shield 1 Worn Polished Iron Shield, worn on the back, protecting the delicate tools and jars in the bags.
Yellow Cloak 2 1 Worn, 1 in Backpack Simple cloth cloak with a deep hood, died yellow.
Cloth Tabard 2 1 Worn, 1 in Backpack Symbol of the White Ash Guild
Waterskin 3 Worn Large Waterskin. Full.
Backpack 1 Worn Canvas bag strapped to the back
Assorted Seasonal Clothing 2 Backpack One summer set, one winter set. Made of cloth
Bed Roll 1 Back Pack (Tied to top) Simple bed roll including mat, blanket, and tough pillow
Rope 40 Backpack Feet of rope, travelling quality.
Tent 1 Back Pack (Tied to top) Simple tent fits two full-sized elves.
Magic Pigeon Scroll 1 Back Pack
Book of CrIsis 8 Backpack The complete set of books of CrIsis, underlined and annotated, mainly referring to strengths, weaknesses, exceptionally lucky moments, and any decree or blessing of the Gods toward CrIsis as a group and individually.
Strengths and Weaknesses of CrIsis 1 Backpack Six sheets of parchment, each describing the strengths and weaknesses of each group members, all of which have been secreted into the Fifth Book of CrIsis. THIS IS ALL ENCRYPTED. REQUIRES CRYPTOGRAPHY ROLL TO READ UNLESS READ BY AZARIEL.
Book of Magic 2 Back Pack Two ancient texts, written in Dwarven, one depicting Invisibility: Superior, and how to enchant a weapon with it, the other saying something about cancel magic, and enchanting a weapon with it. Taken from the Etrinan Ruins.
Food:Rations 1 Backpack Days of salted jerky
Large Sack 1 Worn Canvas bag with a leather strap worn across the shoulder
Crystaline Locket 1 Large Sack Crystal, contains a likeness of Adriana.
Owl’s Blood 1 Large Sack Glass jar full of owl’s blood
Liquid Gold 1 Large Sack Small copper vial filled with liquid gold
Dove Blood 1 Large Sack Glass jar full of dove’s blood
Dried Gnat bodies 1 Large Sack Glass jar full of dead gnats
Cockatrice Skull 1 Large Sack Has been cleaned and bleached. The symbol of Force has been carved into the crest. The carving is painted brown with mud every morning. Fits on Azariel’s Head, as a skull cap.
Parchment 12 Backpack Simple parchment for writing.
Graphite Stick 4 Backpack Simple, not allocated to a specific circle.
Chalk 2 Backpack Simple, not allocated to a specific circle.
Candle 1 Backpack Simple, not allocated to a specific circle.
Endless Ink Quill 1 Backpack NEVAHENDINGINK inc.
Power symbol stamps 3 Large Sack One each of words Pein (Evil and Darkness), Ya-ahk-met (Light and Power), and Lo-Kum (Change, Transition, Dimensions) Made of Metal, requires that the writing substance be used to paint the stamp.
VIP Backstage Backdoor Unlimited and Forever pass 1 Large Sack Caer N’tibby Midnight Players.
Agreement 1 Backpack Indestructible scroll
Small Sack 4 Worn Small sacks made of leather, tied onto the belt
Salt 1 Small Sack Cloth sack filled with 1/2 pound of salt, dipped in wax.
Gems 4 Small Sack Emerald, Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire.
Charcoal 1 Small Sack Stick of charcoal for an Elemental
S’van 1 Small Sack Eye of S’van in Baalgor Mountains.
Ankh of Sekti 1 Small Sack Teleports wearer
Stone of Bridges 1 Small Sack Creates bridge. See Notes
Saddle Bags 2 Lictalon Leather saddlebags strapped over the horse’s polished plate war barding, Ya-ahkmet.
Eternal Torch Ring 1 Worn Toughened Skin (AR 14)
Necklace of Osiris 1 Worn Crook & Flail Symbol
Circles of Protection Number Drawn Item Location Item List
Magic:Superior 1 Large Sack Liquid Gold(Draw); Sealed in blood.
Circles of Summoning Number Drawn Item Location Item List
Insect:Gnats 1 Large Sack/ Menagerie Dried Gnat bodies(Draw); Giant Cave Spider in an aquarium.
Gargoyles 1 Menagerie Mud(Draw); Lizard
Demon / Dyval 1 Large Sack/ Menagerie Dove Blood(Draw); 3 Live Doves
Elemental 1 Large Sack Charcoal(Draw); 1 Emerald, Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire. Large Fruit
Jinn 1 None Draw in Black; 4 live Rats
Ghosts and Entities 1 Large Sack/ Menagerie Owl’s Blood(draw); 2 Live Toads.
Book of CrIsis 4 Chest The first four books of CrIsis, all annotated,
Menagerie Various Cages and Aquariums in Azariel’s Cabin.
Silver Cross; Clove of Garlic:: Sacrifice Poisonous Snake :: Four rats must be sacrificed :: Sacrifice Giant Cave or Timber Spider :: Sacrifice 2 Toads :: Sacrifice Lizard :: Emerald; Onyx; Ruby; Sapphire; Cut Fruit :: Any Living Animal Sacrifice ::
1 Cup Gold Paint
10 cups Silver paint
White Chalk :: Quartz Crystals :: Lump of salt :: Candle :: Empty jar :: Holy Water :: Pearl :: Dish of Salt :: Lit Candle :: Ruby :: Diamond :: Emerald :: Onyx :: Topaz :: Sapphire :: Horseshoe with a Red Ribbon :: Green Paint :: Sweet Incense :: Oil Lantern :: Garlic :: Iron Nails ::
100 Uses Rabit Glue exp. 9-10
5 Egg-laying Hens
30 pieces of CHalk
2.5lbs Bone Dust
Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole

Luck Points: 5
1 Ace in the Hole



Azariel was born in the Western Empire. He lived for a long time with his father Sezar Aleayacta, who was an expert in the lost art of Conjuration, travelling from town to town; his mother wasn’t in the picture, and there were half a dozen stories to explain why, none of which Az believed. Always one for flourish and ostentation, Sezar would perform like a gleeman or bard in inns and for parties. With a conjured flash-bang or two, a dove, butterfly, or a bouquet of flowers, he’d wow crowds. His talent wasn’t purely magic, he had a manual dexterity that even his non-magical ‘conjurations’ and ‘disappearances’ were perfectly believable. He had a voice, too, that could weave a tapestry almost better than the loomiers of kings. He and his lute would finish up the night, and that’s where he got his ‘room and board.’ Az had ‘regular’ ‘aunts’ in every town that they passed more than once. Azariel learned the Cello, and would accompany Sezar when he was deemed good enough.

Sezar taught Az about the world; Kings and Queens, Priests and Priestesses, Wars, Famine, Peace, Prosperity, The Light, and The Dark. He taught Az to the level of any King’s Heir, with twice the cynicism. Mainly, he taught him of the Elf-Dwarf war. ‘Such a stupid and pointless squabble, so long ago, between our people and the midgets of the north, yet it reshaped the world. So many great things were lost, and so many terrible things were brought forth.’ Magic was a subject all its own in these studies. Conjuration was only half of what Az learned about in his childhood – with the gravity impressed upon him of ever letting the secret out of Sezar’s practice of the lost art. He was taught of all of the different kinds of magical servitude and manipulation; Blood Magic, Summoning, Circle Magic, Ward Magic, Enchanting, Rune Magic, Druidic, Elemental, Sorcery, Wizardry, Alchemy. Though Sezar wasn’t even an apprentice in any of them, he taught Az that all have their strengths, their uses. For instance, you’d be hard pressed to make a Magic Rune weapon with only Elemental or Druidic magic, but you’d also not be able to commune with the elements and elementals themselves without them. Even within each magical school, there are different paths that you may take. Not every Wizard is a crackpot in a lab, and not every Diabolist scroll is defensive.

As a child Az was overwhelmed with the breadth and depth of the world of magic around him; so much vibrancy and so many colors on the painter’s palate. It was then that Az decided he wanted to study it all. He had centuries yet to discover himself, so he had no reason to shackle himself now. He saw such a bright future, for him and his father.

He and his father traveled for most of his childhood. When he reached the age of 60, his father became seriously ill, and couldn’t travel the way they used to. In need of room and resources to support him and his father, Az applied for Guild membership with the Guild of the White Ash. He was accepted, and studied the art of Summoning. He found it came easily, and they were as good a school of magic as any for him to get started in. His teachers were astonished at his aptitude, but they did not advance him in the ranks quickly, as he was prone to mischief, pride, and recklessness – he regularly returned to his guild-appointed rooms penniless and sometimes flogged.

The free time that he didn’t spend playing tricks and gambling, he spent in the library. He was fascinated with the great Strategists and Warriors of old. He would follow their lives, or as much as he could find of them, from birth to death and study them. It was then that his beliefs in Luck truly came to the surface. The Greats always had Luck on their side, not just Wisdom and Intelligence. He had always had a courtship with Lady Luck, in his pranks and gambling, but he had never truly seen that he was more than a simple thrill-seeker. He truly believes in Luck and Azar, Unluck in the old language. In part, this might come from his name – one of the few things he had of his mother’s. Azariel: Omen of Bad Luck.

His love of history and his hobby of voracious reading led him to the history of a god by the name of Bes. He was the god of Mischief, Feasting, Gaiety, and – of course – Luck. He fought alongside the gods of Light, and had great confidence in Osiris. The God, Bes the Depraved, was truly the representative of all that he held as true and self-evident – at least most of it. Azariel studied and worshiped Bes, and probably due to that was pulled toward Summoning, whose acolytes generally lean toward the Dark.

Az came across a demon by the name of Helgriven, a Night Owl, while studying Summoning. Helgriven became his demon adviser, who was grooming him to be an alchemist zealot to the glory of Bes. The Demon explained the amount of luck tied in to the Enchanted Cauldron; each one was like a whole night playing ‘Carriages’ in the town, without the possibility of a lender beating him senseless. Az was swept away in the anticipation. Feeling that he had learned the basics of Summoning, and spurred by the thought of the Enchanted Cauldrun, He informed his Summoner mentor of his decision, and the Guild assigned an Expert for him to study under, the Wizard Eugene Schpaknel. He learned all he needed to make an Enchanted Cauldron, and after a month or two studying, he set about putting it together.

Azariel travelled to Shandala, more of a walk than a journey, as it lies roughly ten miles to the north of White Ash, the village surrounding the Guild. He’d Purchased an Iron Sword for the ritual, and as he was making his way to the Cemetery at dusk, he walked past the Shandalan Pyramid of Osiris. The priest on duty came running out to meet him. ‘You must stop what you are doing! You are on the edge of a blade, and one false step will plunge you into oblivion! You are destined for greatness, and will be a pivotal part of the Pantheon’s agents, but Bes the Depraved is not worthy of your fealty!’

‘Be gone, friar. I have an adviser, and he is more powerful than you. Bes decides my fate, and if it is his wish to plunge me into darkness, it will be a toss of the dice that reveals my end, not some senile priest.’ As Azariel spoke thusly to the priest, a Ramen descended from the heavens in a column of light.

‘LISTEN TO HIM, MORTAL! He knows more of you than you do. He has been instructed to stop you on behest of The Lady, and you would do well to harken unto his words. Lo, and Behold! This is your fate with the Cannibal!’

Az’s eyes were covered as if by wool, and all went black. Then, a spot of light in the distance sped toward him as if shot from a bow. It stopped ten feet from him, and he saw that there was a form in the middle. He gasped when he saw it was him, ragged and naked, in the center of a globe of light. Blood trickled from wounds under his hair, and poured from lacerations on his back. ‘Yes, master. I wish for nothing more. Please, touch me with thine hand once again.’ With that, a cat of nine tails lashes his back again. A blood curdling shriek of pain laced with ragged ecstasy filled Az’s ears, and suddenly he realized that the noise was coming from his own mouth. He could feel the cuts made by bone and glass in his back, and feel the sickly wet-warm sensation of his own blood running down his spine. He also could feel inside his own head, a festering illness he had never known. He looked at his own blood, and ragged flesh, and became hungry, anticipating. He raised his hand to his mouth, and bit down on the tip of his thumb, and ripped away with his teeth. The same ecstasy-laced pain-filled shriek filled his ears, though it did not come from his mouth, it was an echo, a memory reverberating through his skull. His teeth, which felt shorter than he remembered, ground his nail, skin and muscle into an enjoyable paste.

Azariel-in-the-present felt his stomach lurch and churn. The wool was removed from his eyes, and he was back in front of the temple of Osiris, and the two acolytes. He looked down at his thumb, and saw that the end was red, but the flesh wasn’t broken, not like… not like… His stomach lurched again, and he relieved everything that he had eaten for dinner. He stood back up, looked at the Raman, and lurched again, this time letting out nothing but water. ‘Wha… huh… What was that? What did you do to me, beast?’

‘That was your future, if you continue on this path. The Cauldron you are making tonight WILL alter your mind, and your god will find nothing more enjoyable than to see you as depraved as he. Do not do this, and do not talk to Helgriven again. They are not to be trusted, the Night Owl Demons. They tend to use all others for their own gains, and yours is in league with Bes.’

‘But Bes once was jovial, a free spirit. He was the god of Gaiety, Luck, and Feasting! Can you not see that in him? Do you judge so harshly?’ Az asked, putting forth a strong effort in voice, but distraught from his experience, and broiling with uncertainty within. Surely Bes couldn’t be that evil? Could he really deserve his name, ‘the Depraved?’ Everything he studied about the original Bes pointed to a god after his own heart. As he pondered, memories flooded through him, of bits and pieces of the current Bes, pieces he shut away unwilling to accept; stories of wanton blood and destruction of innocent people; blood sacrifices; dark rituals. He remembered what he was about to do, and what Helgriven had asked that he do to make the cauldron: murder two humans for the six pints of blood needed. He started to shudder uncontrollably, and felt as if something inside him deflated.

He felt numb, and before he realized it, he was shambling his way into the Temple, into a prayer room, ushered by the Priest. He was vaguely aware of irritation toward the man, herding him so. He hit his knees, and started to sob uncontrolled into the pillow. Hidden, suppressed histories flooded into his mind, depicting the True Modern Bes, the Depraved. He prayed, though something stopped his tongue when he tried to utter his God’s name. Without the name to use, he resorted to, ‘O GOD! WHY HAVE I BEEN MISLED BY THEE?’ His mind was overwhelmed by thoughts of The Father, and a love from Isis herself calmed him. He looked up, and the Ramen and Priest waited, watching him.

Neither the Ramen nor the Priest needed to say a word, nor did they. ‘Tell me: How do I Redeem My God?’ Az demanded of the two. ‘There must be a way!’

‘There is no redemption for the Gods of Dark. They have chosen their path. You must stay away from them, lest they lead you to their destruction. Come unto the Lord Osiris, He Who Slumbers, He Who Shall Wake; He Who Is. The Father.’ The Ramen’s voice appeared as a crash of thunder, or a wave hitting a rocky shore. Az did what he could to stand his ground.

‘I need to think.’ Azariel said finally, and started shambling down the road to White Ash, not bothering to ride his flying shield. The Guild tower filled his vision step by step; fluted pillars and walls molded to look like a giant white ash, reaching over the small village surrounding it. It was the work of Earth and Fire warlocks, who were ironically refused entrance to the Guild, due to their methods. His eyes didn’t caress the illuminated granite branches tonight the same that they used to, though, as he was lost in his thoughts. Hours later, he arrived at the convalescent home that held his father. Despite the late hour, his father was awake, and they talked for hours about Gods, Ramen, Demons, and Magic.

It was then that Azariel Aleayacta truly wondered what it was that turned his god to the Pantheon of Dark. Bes was close to Osiris, but when he died, the god broke. In his state, Anubis provided him with his daggers, which Az was positive poisoned his mind. Azariel and his father that night decided that they would do everything in their power to resurrect the Lord Osiris. Az founded a temple of Osiris in White Ash, and any money he earned above the needs of himself and his father went into the Temple. Due to his diligence, the small, one-room temple to the Pantheon of Light grew to the size of a large house, or a small manor. It has a room for each of the major gods of the pantheon, with a small room in the back with a room dedicated to ‘the Lost Gods.’

His hunger for knowledge, and desire to resurrect his God… Osiris… resulted in an extensive religious library in his little church. He became a regular at the bookstore in Shandala near the Pyramid, and purchased all he could find.

In the last few years of Az’s search for solutions to the Osiris Problem, he stumbled upon a series of journals called ‘The Books of Crisis.’ It all astonished him. The Lady Herself taking an active part in his own mortal quest was too perfect for him to overlook. He has been following their exploits since the fateful day that the Sea Titan crash-landed on the Island. With every chapter, his faith in Luck and the Gods increased. There are times that any ‘unlucky’ person in CrIsis’ shoes would not have gotten through. He has lost count of the times that things that were strategic and statistic improbabilities were overcome and outright ignored by the unwitting champions. Oh, how they take their own luck and their gods’ hands for granted. The Dwarf that should have spent the rest of eternity as spackle for a Dragon’s armor stood up without so much as a batted eye lash (and no first-hand account, either.) That was more than any amount of physical or spiritual prowess could account for, and it is but one of the dozens of examples.

I wasn’t planning on including him in this Bio, but Bungo seems to have joined our little 6-man army against the Dark! So it must needs be that I verify the claims to friendship between Benji and Azariel. They met when Azariel was in the tower, studying Wizardry, as Mr. Wz. Spacknel and Benji’s Master Wizard were close friends. They had plenty of fun together, though Azariel was sent off to the dice games from time to time so that Benji could ‘Get his Wand cleaned,’ using Azariel to help ‘Swoon,’ the dirty little scamp. He left the Guild shortly after his master passed, and came back few years later, thinking himself a freedom fighter, and spurring in Nipshanks, Azariel’s warder, a desire to do the same. When Benji returned Azariel tried to settle him down a bit, and give his life a bit more direction, by introducing him to the Deities. Though, every time Az brought Benji by the small Temple of the Church of Light, he spent all his time with the parishioners of Bast, so he suggested Benji catechize into her fold. Little did either of them know it would change their lives.


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