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This is a relatively new power in the Palladium world made up of mostly seafaring humans. This is a land of Nobles and Merchants.

Overkill was born and raised in the Bizantium town of Sinza.

Robert the Just was born to rich nobles in Bizantium City.

The worship of Algor is the official religion of Bizantium. Practitioners of magic that are not Warlocks are officially tolerated, but informally scorned. Psionicists are barely tolerated, and Mind Mages are hated and distrusted. Witches and Changelings are not tolerated in the least. Mobs form if a rumor of a witch or Changeling is whispered.

Assassins are called Slayers in Bizantium. They operate under their own sort of laws and justice.

For more information about Bizantium, please refer to the Bizantium History.

Cities and Regions of Bizantium



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