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OVERKILL (Deceased)

Dwarven Mariner, Follower of Thoth
Complete character sheet is Here.

Looking at him from head to toe he has short grey hair. His eyes are hazel and eyebrows are silver. His beard, mustache, and hair are now grey, with a few holdout red hairs. On his shoulder is a tribal tattoo that wraps around the whole arm covering all of his upper right arm and on his back is a tattoo of his name in runes that goes from shoulder to shoulder. On his right leg is a eye of Thoth (a gift from his new god Thoth). His build is a rough and hairy build that stands 3 foot 5 inches and weighs a light 136 lbs (although there is a possibility of weight change from good cooking). His hands are rough and worn from his life as a sailor.

Picture from Mike Mumah. Full size picture can be found here.


Ovkral Glandar of the Red Beard clan aka Overkill was born on Bizantium in the northern village of Sinza the forbidden town of the dwarves. Being dwarf in an empire of humans his clan of 1000+ have no rights in the human towns forcing them to be isolated in the worst part of the island. Ovkral didn’t know any better and learned Northern from his parents who taught kindness and love to all beings. That all changed when he first encountered Lord Norbert, a human lord that would sooner part with his children then with his wealth. The young dwarf found out that the clan was paying a handsome price to maintain their amnesty and isolation to the lord. Through his encounters with humans after his initial visit of the lords home he found that he could not stand humans, their arrogance and haughtiness was disgusting, that and being referred as ‘little people’ didn’t help.

Ovkral wanted change for the clan and he found the Malemore family, Bizantium’s royal family of pirates! This royal family, agreed that the dwarves deserved better and even went so far as to train the young dwarf in the ways of piracy and deception and as he raised up the ranks he quickly learned that the family was using him for their own gains but then a twist of fate occurred. During one of their raids under direct pressure of discovery the family’s captain shifted all the power of captain to the young cabin boy Ovrkal and made him captain of the ship. Under his command the ship was saved and the secret of the Malemore family was secure. The Lords of the Malemore family were so impressed that they deemed it necessary that the dwarf keep command of the ship. Ovkral agreed under a few conditions, first that his missions were his to decide and that the raid of Bizantium would be on his terms and for the betterment of his people. Second that the ship be renamed Red Beard after the clan that he left to liberate. Materials were bought and the ship gained a new look.

That was thirteen years ago and the agreement has gone well. Overkill has been to many parts of the sea. In his those thirteen years he originally stuck to the coastlines of Bizantium fighting and trading with the Northern Shipwright barbarians (something that the Malemore family are wary about).

Because slavery is a common thing (Overkill is indifferent about that), the Red Beard was used to free slaves of the Alg tribes (namely because there were dwarves on board) but there was a combination of usually all three tribes (Alg tribe the Northern Wilderness, Nyurg tribe the Dragon’s Claw, and Skyold tribe the of the Land of the Damned). Some of the chieftans were ok with Captain Overkill and let the Red Beard pass most of Bizantium waters without incident but politics changed constantly so they had to be on their guard all the time. This usually made for good relations between the barbarians and the pirates and because their shipwright skills were equal to his own Alg tribes would usually allow the pirates to roost after a raid until the heat went down and allowed for Overkill to visit distant cousins and freed men that were tribesmen.

Overkill has a number of tattoos, his name in runes on his back, a tribesman tattoo on his left arm (it takes all of his upper arm making him an unofficial member of the Alg tribe). Recently Thoth (the god of knowledge) has added his own mark to the dwarf (a treasure to be sure) on the dwarfs right leg.

Recently traveled to the Eastern Territories under command of his Lord to gain allies to further their cause of piracy and unrest to Bizantium. It was while he was there that the young dwarf encountered Isis. When he was a child he would pray to Osiris, the law giver, for justice and equality to all men unaware of his clans predicament. He had turned his heart away from Osiris and towards Thoth the god of learning and knowledge. He no longer wanted justice but knowledge for revenge. He had glimpses of insight but nothing solid but then in a vision Osiris appeared and called him to repent and turn to Osiris and that there would be a time when he would call him to do a task. For the next several months the dwarf has fought from being selfish and more compassionate. He still distrusts humans but he would not be where he is unless he learned from them. The goal is to liberate a people that has turned their back to his seafaring ways and bring them back to the mainland.

Overkill speaks Northern fluently but prefers Dwarven or Eastern though he doesn’t speak it well. He still works hard to separate him from his Northern roots. When talking to those that speak Northern he speaks through a translator because of his angst for those that are from Bizantium.

Since he has changed his name, Overkill (now call Merd Goose) has adjusted his look to be more foreign looking with his hair and clothes taking tips to further his disguise. He has two weapons that he treasures, a scimitar and a broad sword. Both are dwarven quality and he has named them Striker (the scimitar) and Hawk Eye (the broad sword). The first weapon was a clan gift upon graduating to manhood. The second weapon was a personal gift from his father. He (his father) hoped that it would protect him in his piracy career. The weapon has protected the family for 263 years making his great grandfather the original owner. He didn’t name Hawk Eye, that’s what its always been known as. Those that knew the dwarves of Bizantium may have heard of the sword. The visit to the library was the first and only time that the dwarf has ever parted with the pair. He hopes that its the last.

In recent times he reflects on his younger days as a captain. He writes frequently to his cousin and former first mate, Captain Minishmee current captain of the Red Beard. Traveling around in the water has been simpler. There has been run ins with gods and beasts. He has traveled thousands of miles and seen sights and heard sounds that a lot of men will never experience. This is going to be the greatest adventure ever.

Overkill was born under the sign of the Pegasus. He is a determined and patient person who is goal-oriented. He works hard and plays hard. Nothing gets in his way once he is focused on his goal.

Family- The family of the Readbeard Clan is simple and complex all in one.
The family consists of a combination of three types of dwarves. Those of Redbeard, those of Goldenbeard and those that are considered wild dwarves (the barbarians). Overkill is from the house of Iron Forge, one of the eight houses that hold seat in the counsel of the Clan. Iron Forge has three families with a matriarch at the head (Great Grampa Kug passed three years ago).

Great Grandma Olasda is over three hundred years old (a lady doesn’t talk about her age) and looks about 60 in human years. Her hair is long and braided. She uses a walking stick to move about and usually has one of the family assist her with standing and sitting (she isn’t as spry as she once was).

Overkill has two sisters, Rona and Roti aka. Raven and River (no one goes by their true name but by an acronym that reflects their behavior growing up. While Raven is flighty and bubbly, River is strong willed and will run you over. Raven is married to a wild dwarf (barbarian) named Epee Kak while River stayed single (but is looking to cut a stud from the herd as it were). His parents are Tokata (his mother) and Valden (father). They go by Treetop and Valley. Valley his father is more of a homebody and his mother Treetop has her head in the clouds with adventure and excitement. She talks fast and is an awesome cook like Mary.

Minischmee’s father is named Delthic (his mother is named Dekbryn) a pirate by trade (but not from the Redbeard) who works for Malemore family (their piracy runs deep). His brother (Overkills father objects to his brothers influence on his family and that a young impressionable Overkill would consider following in his footsteps after graduation was appalling. Delthic married a fellow clanswoman named Thira who bore him a total of three sons (Minischmee being one of them and Gamtek and Beorgur being the other two. His brothers are smiths and Gamtek has a fear of water because of a earlier encounter that almost cost him his life.

All of the Redbeard Clan has some symbol of red in their hair (either artificial or real) to show their Clanship. And though there is eight families that are loosely related to each other when they greet one another they call them cousin.


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